New Owners

Malinois are not your typical intelligent dog that you can just have in the house as a pet. They need working – obedience, agility, protection, security or just doing tricks for you and bringing you slippers etc. Think about it before contacting us about a puppy. Our puppies from previous litters are working in agility, army, protection, tracking etc. We have some pups that are home pets as well but they are trained and have some kind of job. Malinois are the best family dog if they have enough mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis. They love their people and want to please them.

Reserving an AnkerCanis Puppy

When you have done your research into the breed (if you haven’t have Malinois before), contact us. We will have an initial conversation with you and ask many questions. Some say that it is easier to get into British intelligence than to get pup from us. If you have someone that has recommended you – it is even better and you will not go through the mill of questions. We also invite people to visit us – see our dogs, see the house and talk to us face to face if it is possible.

If this didn’t scare you off yet – please contact us. To put you on a waiting list we will require some details from you to keep in our records. Therefore it is very important for you to notify us of any changes in address, email address or a mobile number. Also if for any reason you can’t take a pup, or decided to go with another breeder, please let us know.

We will ask for your preferred gender of the pup and what you want to do with a Malinois (what kind of job). This will help us choosing the best pup for you.

Once puppies are born we will go through the list and contact everyone in order of your place on the waiting list. If there is not enough puppies from this litter you will automatically jump to the front of next litter waiting list on top of it. We will of course notify you of this.

When puppies are 3 days old we will require a deposit of £350. The deposit is non-refundable but transferable, which means that if your circumstances change and you can’t take a pup at the moment, you will not lose your deposit. If it is only temporary problem, and you want to be moved to the next litter waiting list (life happens and people get sick and we understand that), the deposit will transfer to next or further litter. However this transfer can only be done once. If the deposit is not paid within 4 days, you will be removed from the waiting list and we will move to next person. It might sound harsh, but past experiences taught us that some people will just drag things and it causes unnecessary stress and we want or pups to go to homes that are waiting for them. The chosen owner will be able to choose a pedigree name for the pup or go with one we have chosen. All pups will have ‘AnkerCanis’ as their kennel name and then the name you either chosen or we chose that starts with the letter of the litter. From 4 weeks onwards you are able to visit the pup and we would like everyone to come and see them if logistically possible. We do not expect you to come if you live 5-6 hours away – but saying that, we had people travelling that long just to spend few hours with pups. To avoid spread of germs and stress on the mother we do not allow any visitors before the 4th week unless they are family members, close friends that female knows. If you become an owner of an AnkerCanis puppy we will not disappear as soon as puppy is sold to you. We keep contact with owners from every litter we have had. We made great friends with some. We make sure that owners from the same litter stay in touch as well – this helps a lot with tips in training and potential reunion.

We do not allow anyone to breed of our pups unless all health tests have been conducted – this will be part of the Contract you will have to sign.

Choosing Your Puppy

We have over 35 years’ experience with owning dogs and 20 years’ experience in breeding, which is why we will choose the puppy for you. We have never been mistaken yet.

The Day you pick up your puppy

We believe that it is right for the working dogs to leave their mother at 8 weeks old (in our experience it should be 7 weeks for malinois but the law is 8 weeks), and as an Assured Breeder this is also a requirement. We do not believe in pups staying with mum until 12 weeks old, especially with Malinois breed as they are missing crucial time to bond with their owner (between 8 and 12 weeks) before they will start proper training at 12-14 weeks old.

On the day of handover you will be expected to pay remaining amount. For the full price, please contact us directly.

If you live abroad and you want a puppy from us, that’s not an issue as long as this is prior arrangement. We ask you to organise the transport and pay full price on the day of pick up as well. We prefer you to pick up the puppy yourself, but we understand that this is not always possible. You will have to cover the costs of any documentation and additional vaccinations (apart of first one) like rabies, passport etc. We will also charge £50 per every starting week that puppy stays with us from 8 weeks old.

Breeding terms contract

Usually we will pick a female from the litter that we would like to go on a breeding contract with us. This is important part of the breeding program to ensure that we will breed the best dogs and our breeding lines are kept. This could be done either as a co-owning contract or the pup will stay on our name and we will keep the KC registration until one or two breeding’s are done. After that the pup will be transferred solely to your name. If you are taking a breeding contract with us, you will only require to pay the deposit and not a full amount. Other requirements are discussed in person.

To be able to sign the breeding contract with us, you need to live in UK and not further than 2-3 hours away from us and you must train the dog in some kind of sport or service job.

Sometimes we also leave males on a stud contract. Requirements are similar (to be discussed with the owner), however in this instance we would go with co-owning the pup.

If there is a change in circumstances and you are not able to keep the puppy taken from us we are reserving the right to take the pup back.

What comes with an AnkerCanis puppy?

  • KC registration
  • 5 weeks free KC insurance
  • Puppy pack which includes all important information about what we done with the puppy since birth (worming, socialization, grooming etc.)
  • Vet check certificate made around 7 weeks old and current puppy weight
  • Microchip with instruction how to change ownership
  • Lifelong guarantee that we keep in touch
  • Few packs of raw meat that pups were fed since weaning (weeks worth)
  • Toys, blanket from the nest etc.
  • Contract that will be bound by both of us

All puppies (unless on breeding contract) starting from F litter are coming with endorsements for breeding. Those will be lifted once all required health tests will be done on the dog if you want to breed it.

We do not vaccinate pups anymore due to variety of vaccinations around the country and vet advise regarding L2 and L4. If we would vaccinate the pup for L2 and future owner would want L4, the full course of vaccination would have to start again. We believe that it would be over vaccinating the pups and this wouldn’t be in the pups best interest. We will vaccinate your pup upon request or if they stay with us longer to ensure that they do not lack socialisation.

If you get a puppy from us you CAN NOT SELL IT ON under any circumstances. The contract that you will sign with us will say that we will take the dog back at any age and re-home it. We want to make sure that future owners make the decision of having a pup from us with full understanding of how much work is required and that this is lifelong decision.

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