Our breeding goal is to produce dual purpose, healthy dogs with no defects. We aim for both working and home environment, therefore it is important for us that our dogs are confident and social.

We do not breed of dogs that are under 2 years old, unless the mating is done close to 2 years old mark and the female is mature. We find that Malinois are not fully mature before then and as that it wouldn’t be humane nor healthy for them and future puppies to reproduce.

We do genetic testing to ensure high quality of health in or pups. If any of our dogs are a carrier of disease (like SDCA1 or 2, CJM, DM) we will make sure that the dog they are mated with are free from it, which means that 50% of the pups might be carriers, but not will be sick. Please refer to We will never be breeding with affected dogs. This is why our planned breeding between Ivy and Enzo will not happen now as both are carriers of SDCA2.

If our breeding female is a carrier, all female pups will be health tested before leaving our kennel.

We are aiming to breed dogs that can easily switch on and off and can be kept both at home around children as well as outside. From 2023 we are planning to split our lines into more working environment (min of 75% working lines) and show lines (min of 75% show lines).

We socialise our puppies from the day one with as many different environments and people as we can and that include:

  • different texture of what pups are walking on
  • daily handling and playing
  • handling by children and behavior around children
  • older and disable people
  • travel in a car
  • crate and outside of crate
  • grooming and bath
  • lots of different people and smells
  • household noises
  • de-sentisation to fireworks and loud noises
  • and many more

The aim is to breed friendly dogs that have high working ethics but also can be a pet for an active family. We sign an agreement with new owners that they will never resale a dog from our breeding. We proud ourselves in finding our pups suitable homes and match the pup with potential owner.

We strongly believe in genetic variation therefore we do not do line-breeding or in-breeding, but looking to bring fresh blood to our program. We understand that both Line-breading and in-breeding might have some advantages but in the long run presents many more problems than benefits in our opinion. ‘This is fundamental, basic genetics. Inbreeding increases the expression of genetic disorders and has a negative effect on health in general. These are facts. If somebody is trying to convince you otherwise, you need to find a different mentor.’ (The Institute of Canine Biologie).

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