Mats Van De Vaardekenshoeve at Goldmali. Mats is a Belgian Import. Elbows 0/0, Hips 4/8, Eyes – clear (2021); SDCA1, SDCA2, CJM, DM – clear.

1 CC and BOB at just 13 months of age, after 2 months in the UK. Top Malinois 2014 Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of GB.

Mats is small for a male dog but puts a lot into a small package – he has a lot of drive. He is a working dog in a show dog costume.

Mats is the sire of the amazing Goldmali K litter which includes a CC winner, several flyball dogs including Kaylee who was seen on TV from Crufts 2020, Fen the assistance dog, Wish a top frisbee dog, etc, as well as the O litter with agility competitors, search and rescue and RCC Crufts 2020.

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