This is a place for Comments/Feedback of our pups owners, future owners or people that have been in contact with us about our pups, breeding or generally about dogs.

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  1. Hello I am the owner of Ankercanis Cairo Aka Tygo. When I first started to look into the Belgian malinois Ankercanis was the main breeder that caught my eye so I spoke to aneta she spoke to me a lot to make sure the breed was right for me and that I was right for the breed. I then explained that my dog would be used for Security work aneta then picked my puppy. She definitely picked the right one for me he’s a very sociable dog with a great working ability that aims to please he’s a dog that loves to work. I wouldn’t go to another breeder apart from Ankercanis I will definitely be getting on the waiting list in the future to get another working dog 😁


  2. Hello, I am the owner of Ankercanis Dolores before contacting Aneta I did a lot of research on the breed and would advise anyone interested in getting one of Aneta’s dogs to do the same. When I phoned Aneta the first time she asked me lots of questions to ensure that the breed was right for me and my family. Now that we’ve gotten our pup after waiting over a year I am amazed at how well Aneta has matched her to our family, although she has not been with us long she has shown that she’s keen to learn ,very affectionate and already knows her basic commands. Aneta is very passionate about what she does and this shows in how well her puppies fit into their new forever homes.


  3. The wonderful AnkerCanis Brandy is part of our family – and we wouldn’t be without her. When we were researching the Malinois breed a few years ago it was so useful to speak to Aneta. She asked us lots of questions to make sure our lifestyle was suitable for a Mali, and her honest advice and obvious experience was invaluable for our decision-making. Her common sense, no-nonsense approach is absolutely key for a breed that deserves the right environment to thrive. From our first meeting with Aneta and her beautiful Malis, it was clear she knows the breed very well – both the huge positives, and also the challenges. Aneta and her family give their Mali puppies a superb start in life – great socialisation and exposure to day-to-day life in a family household – and we are incredibly grateful for that solid foundation. It gave our fabulous Mali a good springboard for her early training, her ongoing obedience and agility training, and has allowed her to thrive in our family environment.


  4. AnkerCanis has a very impressive program which contributes to the betterment of the breed. I can’t recommend them highly enough. After quite some time searching online and seeing so many breeders not even carrying out basic health checks, it was like a breath of fresh air when I came across the AnkerCanis website. Aneta is passionate about the breed. Her pups get the best start in life, right from the thorough health checks carried out and selection of potential sires through to early socialisation and diet. She asks the right questions of potential owners and understands that each puppy has a different temperament ensuring that each puppy is paired with the right home.


  5. I am the very proud owner of AnkerCanis Drago’s Dream
    When I was starting to look for a Malinois to take over from my at the time Assistance dog when he retired I was going through Facebook and stumbled across AnkerCanis and they have been amazing very welcoming when we went to meet them asked the right questions and answered any questions we had.
    They have gone above and beyond with support keeping me updated with pictures and truly give the pup’s the best start they are such Incredible pups.
    AnkerCanis Drago’s Dream has given me hope again after my assistance dog suddenly passed away and it’s all down to the amazing breeders, their support and the amazing dogs they have and I can’t wait to see what adventures we go on


  6. Proud owners of Ankercanis Black Trix. We couldn’t be happier with her, we are blessed that we found Aneta & Colin. These guys truly give it their all when it comes to their dogs and breeding. The support and advice they have continued to give us is second to none. Aneta’s knowledge on the breed is remarkable. The work they put in to their pups definitely shows, it really does make all the difference. We have a beautiful well balanced dog, sociable with wonderful temperament and that is down to Aneta. We will always be grateful. Thank you for everything 🙂


  7. Some amazing comment from David – one of my future litter owners (on the list in 18 months). It is so great to get comments like that. Thank you
    ‘Your info on how you choose the breeding pair is very informative. I would say my research into what breeder to choose has certainly been fruitful. I actually chose you as my preferred breeder, despite there being a Malinois breeder in my home town. Does that surprise you?
    I wont go into details as to why I didn’t want to buy a pup from her, even though she’s within walking distance. You were the number one choice in the country for me. The distance is absolutely not an issue when I want the best pup I can get. 🐾
    I’m just a very fussy guy. I never settle for second best in anything’


  8. My wife and I had been researching Malinois’ for years before we felt we were able to make the commitment to one. We had just moved house when we found out Ankercanis had their first litter – not ideal timing but when the right breeder has a litter you don’t hesitate! Max has been the perfect dog for us. Smart, level headed, energetic- perfect for agility and as a running companion.
    If you want a great dog that has been bred for the right reasons then look no further!


  9. We are the owners of AnkerCanisCodo. When we contacted Aneta it was clear that the future welfare of the puppy was a massive priority for her in consideration of potential owners. This matched up with was important to us in a breeder. The support we’ve received from Aneta and the ongoing contact has been really amazing. It’s been very clear to us that Aneta goes above and beyond compared to most breeders and really truly cares about her dogs and their pups. Aneta chose exactly the right pup for our family. Codo is a beautiful tempered, healthy, loving, hard working dog. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.


  10. We have been delighted with our Malinois from Aneta at Ankercanis. She is all that a Mali should be: bright, intelligent, beautiful, loving, energetic and, of course, a pain in the rear at times – Malis are not a breed to choose if you don’t have experience of high-drive working dogs.

    Aneta is a responsible breeder – Expect the third degree about your reasoning and suitability for owning a Malinois😆 (in fact it’s unwise to buy a dog from any breeder that doesn’t ask you questions about your circumstances).

    We got to see the Dam (the lovely Belle*) before she had her litter and again once the litter was ready for viewing. Our Mali was one of a large and healthy litter and the pups were content, clean, well cared for and socialised in the family home.

    Another lovely aspect of Ankercanis is the welcome pack, advice and follow-up care from Aneta. With straight forward contracts, timely communications; and litter group-chat being useful for sounding out other owners on their pup’s experiences at the stage time as yours.

    Our Mali has since had a litter at Aneta’s and Aneta was just brilliant at making sure she had all her tests, and answering our endless questions about stages of pregnancy and how to amend diet, exercise etc. – she and her 10 pups were very well cared for, and if we didn’t already have two big dogs we would have been begging Aneta for little Miss Pink!!

    So in summary, I’d definitely recommend Ankercanis.

    *Sadly as I started writing this review we learned of the sad and sudden passing of Belle, our Mali’s mum. It is a terrible thing to lose a dog, but for it to happen unexpectedly and relatively young in Malinois terms, it is devastating. Our thoughts are with Aneta and the Ankercanis family.

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  11. The proud owner of Lexi from D litter.
    She is a gorgeous dog from a fantastic breeder. Aneta was great, and informative throughout. She did “vet” us first, which is imperative for any reputable breeder of this kind of dog, so you know you’re on good hands from the start.
    On collection date Aneta made sure we had everything needed for our journey home and has been there since offering advise when needed.
    Back to Lexi, she is everything I ever wanted from a dog. Well balanced with great work ethics as well as loving too. Lexi loves doing mantrailing, where she excels because as she loves using her nose, I think that comes from her grandma belle! And sport bitework she is a bit of an animal (in a good way), this is probably her favourite thing to do out of everything…..biting and more biting, but that’s the malinois way after all.
    Thanks Aneta for all your help and continued support.

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  12. I have had AnkerCanis Daiquiri for 12 months now. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more well balanced dog. She is everything I ever wanted in a Mali and Aneta has matched us perfectly. When making enquiries with AnkerCanis make sure you have done your homework on the breed and know what to expect as Aneta will be very thorough before she agrees to let you have one of the pups. AnkerCanis use a mix of studs which can influence the type, personality and best suited use of pup produced, so whatever your needs I’m sure Aneta will be able to help, however you may need to wait for that perfect mix of breeding pair to get exactly what you want. Thank you Aneta for bringing Juno into our lives.

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  13. We have AnkerCanis Eddard.
    Whenever I search for a new dog certain things are important to me – a responsible, ethical breeder is one of them – this is exactly what I found in Aneta.
    From the initial contact with her she was informative and helpful, made sure to ask appropriate questions to myself and put in the effort to make sure I would be a good fit to have a puppy from one of her litters.

    As well as being a pet, my dogs work alongside me in a demonstration capacity with clients, so making sure that have a good temperament is key.
    The versatility of our dog is vast, anything we throw at him he’ll take with open arms…paws…and part of that is down to efficient breeding from AnkerCanis.

    From pick up you have the support of Aneta, any questions or queries can be thrown at her and she will help. Sometimes to laugh at the dumb things dogs do, sometimes to offer solutions.

    Malinois’ are tough dogs which require a lot of work and attention, Aneta makes sure each dog will fit with the owner rather than just sending them out and hoping for the best.
    Although not everyone can handle a Mali if someone asked me for a recommendation it would always be AnkerCanis.


  14. We are the owners of AnkerCanis Floyd’s Fighter (Fred), 10 months old now. When I contacted Aneta, I was trying to find the best example of the breed, I spent a lot of time looking for the best breeder of the Malinois, I needed a dog that would suit my needs, as I am a dog trainer, I needed a dog that could do it all, could be calm around other dogs, and have great interactions and support my other dogs. Fred has been a great addition, helping me with all kinds of training, from socialisation with young dogs, working in dog classes, working with dogs fear aggression, he has helped people to understand that Mals aren’t aggressive towards people (Mals aren’t GSD lol) if well socialised, and he’s not a police dog or soldier you can’t approach. He could be a handful for some owners, who were keen on the breed, when they first saw him in class, now they have decided against getting a Mal, he has started his sheep dog training. Aneta will help you and support you with advice, and will keep in contact, she has been really amazing, she is a great Mal breeder, and takes the time to match the dog to your family, you might have to wait a bit, to get the right dog.


  15. Aneta is amazing, you can tell she loves the breed and her dogs.
    I’ve got Ankercanis Enchanted (Nyx), who is a wonderful addition to our family, she’s got an off switch so she’ll happily chill at home but is also eager to please and so easy to train. You can tell she’s been well bred and well matched to us as her owners.
    The malinois breed is not an every day dog and Aneta takes the time to get to know you, asks you loads of questions to make sure you’re suited to owning one of her dogs and then continues to keep in touch, even if that’s sometimes just to laugh at how silly the dogs can be. She takes the time to make sure every dog is suited perfectly to the owner and I couldn’t recommend anyone better.


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