B Litter

B litter safely born on the 3rd of November 2019.

Dam: Avonwolf Belissima at AnkerCanis; Sire: Santee Sioux at Goldmali. Inbreeding Coefficient 0.0% – This means that parents are unrelated. 50% working lines, 50% show lines

Second meal went well – they like beef 🙂

20/11/2019 – top one – boys, bottom one – girls

20/11/2019 – while mum is having a rest – auntie is taking care of puppies 🙂

17/11/2019 – we can see and hear now and are taken out of a pen to explore a bit 🙂

14/11/2019 – We were cleaning puppy pen and for few minutes put pups on the floor. Ivy lie down next to them to keep them warm. All instinct – she is amazing! She is taking auntie duties very seriously

Happy mamma – 10 days old pups

£ days old – all 10 are doing great 🙂

We measured temperature on the morning and it dropped from 37.8 to 37. We knew that pups are on their way. The day went by with Belle panting and trying to nest in the garden. When everyone went to bed and i lie on the sofa, Belle was on the floor. A minute later i heard puppy squeak and the first girl arrived unexpectedly it was 22:25. because she just appeared we called her Banshee and give her PINK collar. At 23:18 a boy arrived and we gave him RED collar, followed by another girl (YELLOW) and then boy (BLACK), girl (ORANGE) and another girl (GREEN) and two boys – tiny one (BROWN) whom we named Bilbo and a very big one (GREY) whom we named Baloo. Shortly after there was another male (DARK BLUE) and a female (SALMON). That gives us 5 girls and 5 boys.

Dam: Avonwolf Bellissima at AnkerCanis – see our dogs for more info

Sire: Santee Sioux at Goldmali

We have 10+ healthy maligators – can’t wait for the chaos they will bring!
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